The Man Who Came to Dinner: Cast Profiles

Wilbur Mauk—as "Whiteside"

Who is your character and how are you connecting to the role? 

My name is Wilbur Mauk; I am a Junior Theatre Arts major and I am playing the lead role of Sheridan Whiteside. This character is different than any of the other roles I have had before in that this is my first comedy in which I have a large role. A way I have connected with this character has been in my research of the man who the character was originally based off of, Alexander Woolcott. He was a man of great wit and tremendous pride. He always has to be the one with the last laugh and make a sarcastic snarky comment on every situation which he finds interesting. I wouldn't say I am very like this man however I do connect with him in ways I wasn't aware of before. I find the reason why he is so harsh on others around him is because he is defending himself as a person. He is hiding that he has feelings so that he can appear smart and in charge. He is very intricate and was definitely a challenge to portray. 

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast?

The script is hilarious down to it's core! I love the history of how the playwrights found the inspiration to their play. Woolcott came uninvited to one of the playwright's house unannounced and terrorized the guests and bossed everyone around then left saying he had basically the worst time ever. The other playwright said that he was lucky Woolcott didn't break his leg while there which would of prolonged his stay and then the idea was born. Now the cast is just as enjoyable as the script. The people are hilarious and very fun to work with. I have immensely enjoyed working with this cast and getting to know each of them, which is hard to do with a cast of 23. This cast is filled with talented people who enjoy life, laughter, and theatre.

What is your favorite line from the play? 

"Well you have come to the right place. Dr. Sheridan Whiteside, broken hearts mended, brakes realigned, ... Hamburgers." 

Is there anything else you would like the audiences to know about you?

I am very grateful for this opportunity to do what I love. When you come to see the show, relax, laugh, and enjoy the life that God has given you.