M.A. in Theatre Thesis Candidates Produce Staged Reading of a new play at the Leaf Institute

Ben Hamann and Nathan Pittack produced a staged reading of When the Bough Breaks at The Leaf Institute this past week. Playwright Nathan Pittack worked for hundreds of hours writing drafts, while Director Ben Hamann cast and directed the new play. Ben and Nathan are working together in their final year of the M.A. in Theatre program to create new plays and produce existing plays for local audiences.

Ben and Nathan patterned with The Leaf Institute, a new arts foundation exploration the intersections between art, vocation, and faith.

It's Not Too Late: Apply for the M.A. in Theatre Arts at BJU

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Feel free to reach out to David Schwingle or Erin Naler for advice guidance on grad. school work. 

Masters Students in Theatre Produce Staged Reading

For the first half of the Masters in theatre Thesis project, Ashley Gwillim and Amy Murray produced a staged reading of two new plays. Ashley Gwillim wrote the plays while Amy Murray played the central role in each. 

The talk-backs were lively! Look for the production of Antigone that's coming next semester from Ashley and Amy. This production will complete their Thesis work.

M.A. Ensemble Create Derived Play

Under the direction of David Schwingle, the M.A. students in Theatre created a derived play. Using acting exercises, research, and historical photographs, the group created a 70 minute original play in the spirit of Grotowski and Commedia. The group researched a number of historical places and time periods, including rural America in the 1900s, the roots and early days of World War I, treason and imprisonment facts during World War I, and so on. The scenes and dialogue included historical details of place and time. 

Ensemble members include: John Cox, Kaitlyn Chisholm, Rebekah Nason, Bethany Woodfin (dramaturge), Ashley Gwillim, and Amy Murray.


The bare-bones performance was given during the final week of classes. The group hopes to continue work on the script. 

H.S. Festival Participants Create and Stage New Plays in 24 Hours!

During the annual H.S. Festival, high school participants worked with faculty and Theatre Arts Majors and Graduate Stduents to stage new 10 minute plays in Performance Hall. 14 conteststants submitted plays during the contest; the faculty reviewed each play, announced 6 finalists, and chose 3 winning plays for production. The playwrights saw their writing come alive as festival participants performed for an over-capacity crowd in Performance Hall. Playwrights received awards at the end; the best acting ensemble also received acting awards. This marks the 3rd-Annual Playwriting and Acting-Ensemble category in High School Festival. 

M.A. in Theatre Arts at BJU

We recently met with Seniors and interested students and discussed grad. school/advanced work  in general and the BJU M.A. in Theatre Arts specifically. Below is some info. on our program. Feel free to reach out to David Schwingle or Erin Naler for advice guidance on grad. school work.