Actor Spotlight: Elisabeth Emhof

Which character are you playing?


How is the character different or similar to you?  

I think Thelma is similar in age to me, and reaching out to people and connecting with them is important to her, as it is to me. I also think empathy is extremely important just like Thelma portrays in the play. There are some differences between us though. Thelma is southern, whereas I’m from Upstate NY, and she’s also married, so that’s different from me too. 


What are some of your favorite parts of working on this production?

Working with Mrs. Grass and Dr. Naler has been a great privilege for me. The entire production was so professional, and I felt that I truly was respected as a performer which in turn enabled me to work hard and create a character. 


Why should people come to see the show?

Mrs. Grass is simply radiant as Mrs. Carrie Watts, a resilient woman whose only dream is to go back to her home in Bountiful. The play shows the importance of kindness, a friendship between two unlikely people, and the redemptive nature of coming home. 


What is your favorite line from the play? 

Mrs. Watts “Did you talk to Jessie Mae? Isn’t she a sight!?” 





Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Come see the play!! You’re going to love it!