Mrs. Corretta Grass Plays Lead in Final Performance Hall Play of the Season


Actor Spotlight – Mrs. Corretta Grass

A Q/A with long-time faculty member and Voice Teacher, Mrs. Corretta Grass. 


Which character are you playing?

"I am playing the part of Carrie Watts, mother of Ludie Watts and mother-in-law to Jessie Mae Watts.  Her goal for 20 years has been to see her home place in Bountiful before she dies."


How is the character different or similar to you?

"The similarities in the character are that we are both older women. We both always seem to try to get things to work out with Plan B or Plan C when Plan A fails.  We both like to hold on to memories from the past!

The differences are that I would never run away, but would try very hard to find a way to get back “'Home.'”


What are some of your favorite parts of working on this production?

"My favorite parts of working on this production are many.  I love working with my former students.  Dr. Naler, the director, was my student.  So were Mr. Schwingle who plays Ludie, Kaitlyn Chisholm who plays Jessie Mae, Elizabeth Emhof who plays Thelma, Harry Miller who plays the Harrison station master and Clinton Holden who plays the Sherriff.  The assistant director, Ben Hamaan and several of the technical crew were all my students.  It is a joy to act in the same production with them!!!  I am thrilled with the opportunity to act (for the last time) with such wonderful people!!!"


Why should people come to see the show?

"Although it is a busy time of the year, I think people will identify with some of the characters in the play.  I think it will help them appreciate their heritage as they see Carrie Watts’ heritage unfold though her memories and her efforts to get home again."