Congratulations to Senior Mónica Rivera on an excellent staged reading of her new work, Raíces

“My passion has always been sharing about my culture in any way I can. I believe that culture is something very valuable that should never be lost; this is why I wrote Raíces. Raíces was an attempt of gathering all my memories and putting them into a story. Was it easy to write? No. It is hard choosing one topic to focus on when you have a million others in mind. It’s even harder sticking to it.
While writing this play I played all the scenes in my head and it totally made sense, however when I saw it staged it wasn’t exactly how I had envisioned it. That’s not bad, though. Many times it came out a lot better than I had imagined it; other times, well, it stretched me. It was definitely a learning experience, which I enjoyed! It was very encouraging to hear feedback on my work because I was given insight from people who don’t share the Latino culture. It helped me understand them and think about what I could do next time to improve. Overall, I want to say it was a frightening, yet exciting experience. Would I do it again? Definitely.”

-Mónica Rivera