Announcing: graduating MA theatre student, Rebecca Gossage, gains acceptance to esteemed MFA program

Rebecca Gossage, who is completing her MA degree in Theatre Arts at BJU, was recently accepted into the Shakespeare and Performance MFA  program at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia. The program has a unique and exciting partnership with the American Shakespeare Centre, the acclaimed theatre company; their primary performance space is modeled after the indoor Blackfriars theatre in London where many of Shakespeare's tragedies premiered.

Here's a little note from Becca about her journey:

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to get an MFA in acting, but I knew I needed more experience and skills so I decided to get my MA in Theatre Arts from BJU. I began preparing for MFA auditions the semester before I graduated with my MA in Theatre Arts. I ended up auditioning at SETC the next semester in February in front of thirty grad schools and received four callbacks/interviews for different programs. One of the schools I was interested in didn’t call me back, but I went and talked to the school at their booth and they gave me a second audition. After SETC I received an email from Mary Baldwin College telling me how much they had enjoyed my audition workshop, and asked me to apply for their school and to come visit them. Three weeks later I went and visited their school and was very impressed by their faculty, program and shows. I finished my application and two weeks later I received an email telling me I had been accepted. I am very excited to attend Mary Baldwin College in the fall to start working on an MFA in Shakespeare performance. BJU Theatre Arts MA has prepared me for this next step in my education by giving me the tools and experience to collaborate and produce my own work outside of the school. The MFA I will be working on is very much about collaboration as a troupe of actors producing six plays in one year. Without the classes and thesis work from BJU I would not be ready to take this next step.” - Rebecca Gossage

When you see Becca next, wish her all the best!