The Man Who Came To Dinner: Cast Profiles

Bethany Woodfin—as "Lorraine Sheldon."


Who is your character and how are you connecting to the role? 

Lorraine Sheldon. Lorraine is a famous star in the days of Old Hollywood. I’ve been a fangirl of this era for most of my life; I grew up watching all of the oldies and adoring the fashion, accents, and sparkle from that time period.  So in a way, I’ve been connected to Lorraine for years. But, in other ways, its been a real challenge to connect with her level of manipulation and “total diva” attitude. But, let’s be real, acting ridiculous can be a real blast on stage.

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast?

This script is SO funny! Classic American humor! The script is full of random, unexpected moments, and the audience won’t be able to predict what crazy thing will happen next. I’m really looking forward to their reactions to the zaniness on stage. This cast has been awesome to work with. At the end of a long day, there’s just something about working on a comedy with people that can make you laugh night after night. I’ve enjoyed getting to connect with some old friends and getting to connect with some new students doing their first BJ show! Very exciting and I absolutely love it.

What is your favorite line from the play?

Can I say that more than anything, I just like *how* the lines are being said? I love getting to both use and hear the old accents and running around saying, “Dahling!” over and over. Personally, I enjoy doing the proposal scene, but I don’t want to give too much away. It’s just ridiculous and I have a lot of fun with it. 

Is there anything else you would like the audiences to know about you?

I really do subconsciously exist in this 1940s era. Even as a 7 year old kid, I preferred to watch Cary Grant films over cartoons. If there was a way to hear what your soul sounds like, I think you would hear Big Band music from mine, ha! My makeup cues have always come from Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly, and I’ve never followed modern trends, just how to create an old school look (even before dressing vintage was cool). So, when I was given the role of an Old Hollywood star, all of my friends just laughed and figured that there was some stereotyping going on.