The Man Who Came To Dinner: Cast Profiles

Elisabeth Emhoff—as "Maggie Cutler"

Who is your character and how are you connecting to the role? 

For part of my senior project, I get to play Maggie Cutler, Whiteside's secretary and right-hand woman. To be honest, his life would pretty much fall apart without her organizational skills... Maggie is somewhat like me in personality, so it hasn't been too difficult to connect with her. I actually have some experience as a legal secretary and personal assistant, so I know what it's like to be doing a million things at once all for somebody else! 

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast?

I love how sassy Maggie gets as the play progresses. She starts pretty professional, but she's able to stand up for herself when things start to go awry. There's so many great sarcastic comebacks between Whiteside and Maggie which is always fun. And as for the cast, well, they're some of my favorite people in the world. They're all so hilarious in their own way, and so encouraging as well. It's very common for people to congratulate one another for a good performance as they come off stage. 

What is your favorite line from the play?

Movie star Lorraine Sheldon and Maggie can't stand one another, and when we have a very civil but snarky conversation, she condescendingly asks me about a book that no one can put down it's so good, to which I reply "I put it down, right there".  

Is there anything else you would like the audiences to know about you? 

I think it's easy for characters like Maggie to become 2 dimensional. My hope is that Maggie changes throughout the play, just like a real person would, and that the audience would get to see her different sides: vulnerability, sassy, love-crazed, and straight-up furious!