The Man Who Came to Dinner: Cast Profiles

Nathan Pittack—as "Ernest Stanley"


Who is your character and how are you connecting to the role? 

I am playing Ernest Stanley, the homeowner. Ernest is one of those people who takes pride in his accomplishments and does not like his authority to be undermined. When he is overruled, however, his exasperated antics provide a lot of entertainment for those around him. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Ernest, but the more I study him, the more I like him. Although he has a prickly exterior, he genuinely believes he is doing what is best for his family. He’s like that cranky relative who hates hugs but secretly wants your respect and admiration.

What are some of your favorite parts so far working with this script and cast? 

First of all, the script is hilarious! It is most definitely a comedy, but it is so different from any other one I’ve done. Odd guests drop in, exotic animals make their way to the stage, and hysterical insults are thrown back and forth. I promise you’ve never seen anything like it.

As for the cast, I love them! I’m getting to work with many friends I’ve made over my four years at BJU as well as some new ones (shout out to our super-talented freshmen!). There is just something incredibly awesome about getting to work with other Christian theatre artists. When you can be laughing uncontrollably at one moment and talking about what God is doing in your life the next, you know you’ve found something special. I am so thankful for the community we’ve been able to develop. 

What is your favorite line from the play? 

“I think you are a selfish, petty egomaniac who would see his mother burned at the stake if that was the only way he could light his cigarette."

Is there anything else you would like the audiences to know about you? 

Wilbur and I are friends in real life, I promise. ;)