M.A. in Theatre

a Masters degree in Theatre Arts 



We have a long and rich history of solo and ensemble performance. The M.A. program provides many opportunities to perform in a variety of spaces with classic and new plays.


We've always pushed theatre artists to create their own work, whether it be new plays, new productions, new designs, or a new kind of performance space. The M.A. program encourages ensemble theatre creation.


A newer emphasis in our M.A. program is the training of Christian, theatre entrepreneurs. Based on student goals, M.A. candidates can pursue new theatre creation and production in the local Greenville community. Several of our recent M.A. graduates are doing just that: https://www.misfitshows.com


Our program also encourages and fosters academic rigor and scholarship. Many of our graduates have gone on for further training, and have successfully earned MFAs and PhDs. We work hard to combine scholarship and creative praxis.