the Theatre Arts Program


Theatre artists at Bob Jones University create art and engage culture with artistic excellence and transcendent truth. The undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A.) students work in collaboration to stage classic plays, create new plays, and engage in the art of theatre.

B.A. Program

Our students will:

  • analyze and assess historical conventions, theories, and existing dramatic texts;

  • hone artistic skills;

  • produce classic and original plays within a collaborative environment;

  • and articulate and apply the christian creation, fall, redemption, restoration storyline to theatre.

  • https://www.bju.edu/academics/programs/theatre/

M.A. Program

Our students will:

  • articulate and apply essential theories of theatre and performance to both analytical and creative projects--especially new plays for a contemporary audience;

  • work in ensemble to assess and refine the following skill-sets: analysis, playwriting, adaptation of existing work for the stage, directing, design/stagecraft, and performance.

  • work in ensemble to create a new play for a live audience in a specific, local community

  • https://www.bju.edu/academics/graduate-programs/theatre/

The Annual Bake-Off! Playwriting Competition

Whales Outside the Window, Lydia Stewart (2015)

Our Town, Thornton Wilder (2012)

It's A Wonderful Life, Radio Play (2014)

Gramercy, David Schwingle (2011)

Alice in Bedlam, Katrina Gass (2013)

Risk, Meghan Reimers (2014)

Joan of Arc, adapted by Jonathan Schofield (2014)

Night, by Elie Wiesel (2015)

A Christmas Carol, adapted by Lydia Stewart

Blind Date, Horton Foote (2015)

Midnight Vesper Dream, David Schwingle (2012)